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He does it again











The controversial Kanye West has linked up with Louis Voutton once again to design a new sneaker. This sneaker comes in an array of colors from red, white, tan and black. The picture you see is the women’s version of the shoe shoe that glows in the dark. Pretty damn cool if you ask me! The women’s shoe also comes in all pink suede and all purple.


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Aaaw the good ‘ol days




Remember back in the day when you used to wake up in the morning  on the living room floor after a long night of video games?? I do! and I used to give a good butt whoop in Nintendo SNES! Now you can wear the characters on your feet with these hand painted vans. They’re kinda hot if you ask me =]…I like!

Too bad they are one of a kind and already sold =[ .They were sold on ebay not too long ago. Ebay is a good place to look for unique clothes/ shoes/ accessories that are at a resonable price. Happy shopping!


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Flashn Lights






The rapper/ producer Pharrell Williams teamed up with Louis Vuitton to create a line of sunglasses named “Millionaires” These sunglasses are said to retail at around $2,000. That’s like some people’s rent!..on your face!! They’re hot though!! There are also a lot of knock offs out there so you can only get these at Louis Vuitton stores. They come in an array of colors like purple, white, and the black and turquoise you see above. I think I should start me birthday list now!

Number 1: 1 pair of Pharrel “Millionaires” sunglasses! (list will be updates frequently!)


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Taste the rainbow



 Reebok Pump Omni Lite Seven Sins Pack

These shoes are a little on the bright side for me but the concept is creative. Reebok based these shoes off of the seven cardinal sins which are: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride and envy. I have no idea what sins these are classified as or how they chose their colors but again the idea is hot.


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Est.  2007

Exactly what you need


Exact Science is probably my favorite underground clothing line right now. The graphics are CRAZY, colorful, weird and different than any other clothing line out. The U.S. is saturated with blah clothing lines that look the same and are boring but this clothing line feeds to the creative artistic clothing lines out there. like mine!! (ILL Thought Clothing coming soon….PLUG!)

The inspiration for their clothes come from hip-hop graffiti, art and etc. Their shirts are pretty reasonable too considering the uniqueness.  Exact Science is hot AND they’re from the bay!!! check them out!

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Some call it a comeback…


Who would have ever thunk it. Puma got some hot shoes comin out, at least I would rock ’em. The gold shoe is a limited addition gold leather sneaker said to be released Feb. 7Th only in undefeated Puma stores around the world. Here is the breakdown:

24 pairs available at the Tokyo location, 24 pairs at the La Brea L.A. store, and an additional 24 pairs split up between the other three Undefeated U.S. locations.

Lord! thats limited addition! and this is a Puma sneaker?? It might be a little too flashy for some folks but considering the limited pairs and where they’re going to be released only a select few will be able to rock ’em.

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Two of my fav things SHOES and AFRICA!

converse-hamada-2converse-hamada-11Yes! shoes and Africa! can anyone say chaching!?….maybe not. Anyhoo, Converse has teamed up with 100 artists to design one of a kind shoes whose proceeds are going towards finding a cure for AIDS/HIV in Africa (As if AIDS is only in Africa) Anyway, this sneaker is by Jeff Hamada who is an artist in Vancouver. Personally, I like Converse sneakers. They’re starting to look a lot nicer now than the plain colored ones back in the day. Support the cause and buy some. The shoes will be in stores soon!


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Freshjive anyone?


Freshjive, a Los Angeles born clothing, line is doin pretty damn good in the underground apparel scene. In fact, it was recently listed as one of the top 11 underground clothing lines. Hey! now that I think about it there weren’t any womens lines on that list! They’re probably leaving that space for me! Anyway, their style has been said to be a  “blend of hip-hop and punk rock aesthetic”…..interesting. It looks kinda hot though…check it out!


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