[Watch] out for Jermaine Dupri


Jermaine Dupri is out with a new venture. What could that be? Well, the music mogul is out with a new line of watches called the Pop-Watch Collection. JD attended the MAGIC showing off the new collection. According to the official press release, the watches will range from $120 to $290 and will be available online and in department stores in the near future. Jermaine has personally been working with the jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad for over a year developing the line of watches.

 What do you think of JD’s watches? would you rock this new watch line??


.10 Piece Clothing

Dime Piece Clothing, a premier clothing line which premiered in Spring 2007, is just starting to gain the exposure they deserve. Their goal is to “create garments that express and embody female empowerment”  

Recently, model and singer Cassie has agreed to be the face of the modern art inspired line. Her name has helped Dime Piece Clothing become a better known clothing line within the U.S.

Visit the site at dimepiecedesigns.com

ILL Thought Clothing

~Expressing Thoughts Through Wearable Art~

Addidas Goes Green

Addidas has launched a new collection of shoes called Addidas Grun, Grun meaning “green” in German. The shoes are made of eco-friendly materials and environmentally sound production efforts.


There will be 3 guiding elements for the Grün package : “Made From”, “Recycled” and “Reground”. Addidas is hoping to reach a target market that is concerned about the environment and willing to make a conscience decision to alter their choice of footwear in order to help with the enviornment.

unfortunately, I dont think going green will equal green money…unless they pay more attention to design and color. Tell me what you think!

Special Giveaway!

ILL Thought Clothing

Hello all! There is going to be a special giveaway to 3 lucky ILL Thought supporters! The first 3 people who e-mail Illustratedthought@yahoo.comwith their definition of style will receive a FREE t-shirt that is shown above in either white or black. Good luck!!

*Front of shirt-1986 with designs

*Back of shirt-The Birth of a Mogul

Whatever you do make sure you do it with style!

The Elements of Style


Style: Noun-an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living: to live in style.

Many people have different thoughts on what makes someone stylish. Some recent iconic celebrities that might come to mind are Rihanna, Kanye West, Keri Hilson and Beyonce. But what is it about all of these people that make their style unique??







urban style

 When I think of style I think of 5 things: innovation, confidence, boldness, effortlessness and swagger. Let me give you an idea of what I believe style is…

  1. Innovation/ individuality– In fashion, many people follow trends but a true innovator reinvents the wheel and creates their own trends.  
  2. Confidence-You should be able to wear anything and feel confident. Style isn’t always about clothes its how you carry yourself and how confident you are.
  3. Boldness– The ability to take risks is an important part of style. Being bold means not being afraid to show your personal version of style and your point of view.
  4. Effortlessness– Many people, that I know anyway, spend A LOT of time getting ready, making sure that everything looks just right. If you have style it should be effortless, or at least appear that way.
  5. Swagger– Swagger is something you either have or don’t have. It’s something you can’t fully explain but people know if you have it or not. The urban dictionary describes swagger as “a person’s style, -the way they walk, talk and dress” and also “conducting yourself in a way that would automatically earn respect or draw attention”  


What do you think style is and what is your criteria?? Feel free to comment!

Always be different and remember fashion fades, style continues!

ILL Thought Clothing

Love at First Sight


This shoe is HOT! Most people don’t know but I’m a sneaker head, I love shoes in general. This is the highly anticipated Nike Blazer Hi Premium ND “Selvage”, that’s a mouth full huh?


Nike applied raw selvage, one of the more cleaner, sleek-looking denim types to the infamous Blazer. The contrast stitching throughout the base obviously symbolizes the clean inseams that are associated with the rich-looking denim. Besides the premium leather denim base, this shoe also possesses a red border around the tongue

If I ever come across these shoes I’m definitely going to buy them!

Watch out for the Biker Brigade



Let me give you a heads up on a new fashion trend for Fall 2009, the “biker” look. As you can see from the examples above, this looks are paired with dresses, skirts etc. to give a more femanine undertone to the trend.  Liking the look? Be sure to rock it first!

New Louis Vuitton Bag > Everything Else

Louis Vuitton just premiered their 2009 Fall/ Winter Men’s Handbags and I must say they are hot! They are said to be inspired by ” the wardrobe of an African King” all ranging from $700- $5,100. I dont know about you but I rather spend that money on a trip to Africa. But, the new collection is still eye catching. Visit your nearest Louis Vuitton store or go to http://www.louisvuitton.com/ for more styles and individual pricing.








Side note: visit my friends blog at theafricanking.com. He has a hot clothing that will show you what a true African King should wear!

ILLustrated Thought Clothing

Who said being a follower is a bad thing?

For all my fellow twitterers interested in increasing their followers while looking fresh at the same time, I have a treat for you! It’s called The FollowMeTee! “The FollowMeTee allows you to market yourself with your personal username on the front, and the ‘Follow Me’ call to action on the back.”
Many people on twitter use the social networking site to market their business, increase their network, meet new people or keep up with old friends. Either way, The FollowMeTee will allow you to be a walking billboard for your twitter page.
I recently had a convo with one of the owners of The FollowMeTee where I asked him a couple of questions and it went a little like this…

ILLustrated Thought Clothing: What is The FollowMeTee and why did you choose to create it?
The FollowMeTee: TheFollowMeTee is a customized practical way to advertise your twitter account. We decided to trademark the name “The FollowMeTee” to protect us and give us the opportunity to establish a new brand. The shirt allows individuals, businesses, and causes etc. to market themselves and their efforts with their twitter name on the front of the t-shirt and follow me on the back. Although the idea is not the most innovative, we like the challenge of creating a brand behind it but ultimately creating an avenue for people to market themselves.
ILLustrated Thought Clothing: Will this turn into a full clothing line?
The FollowMeTee: As of yet we aren’t planning to make it a full clothing line but we are working towards other products such as key chains, bumper stickers, and other shirts. We also plan to feature other t-shirts that promote positive causes. There is a lot more in store for us.

ILLustrated Thought Clothing: Who are you targeting with this t-shirt?
The FollowMeTee: Our target market is the twitter enthusiast. This shirt is for anyone who loves twitter or for organizations looking for basic, authentic, inexpensive ways to promote their causes. In general, many people purchase other brands and labels, which do not benefit them at all, why not wear a shirt that markets yourself?

ILLustrated Thought Clothing: What do you think makes your shirts unique?
The FollowMeTee: The shirt is a great conversation starter. People will automatically know you’re on twitter and you will gain instant twitter followers. The idea is, you can spend $30, or more, and buy another brand or spend a little less money than that and have non-stop marketing for yourself. One guy called it “marketing on top of marketing”

ILLustrated Thought Clothing: What is your ultimate goal for TheFollowMeTee?
The FollowMeTee: We have two main goals: To have people be able to effectively market themselves and to be a part of other peoples personal causes. People will be able to buy The FollowMeTee to promote their cause and they will be a part of our cause as well.
ILLustrated Thought Clothing: I see that you have a featured t-shirt geared towards the political issues in Iran. What statement did you want to make with that?
The FollowMeTee: We are not a politically correct company. The t-shirt shows our political stand on the current condition in Iran and we know other people feel the same way. Proceeds from that particular shirt will provide donations to support people in Iran and to give back.

ILLustrated Thought Clothing: I think it’s a great idea. Will there be any additional marketing efforts from you?
TheFollowMeTee: If you tweet about us u can win a free t shirt and in the near future a variety of promotional items. As a whole we will continue marketing through apparel.

With  all this hype around Twitter, I suggest you cop your The FollowMeTee quick!! Go to thefollowmetee.com and follow the creators at twitter.com/thefollowmetee.

And follow ME at twitter.com/bisola. Happy tweeting!!

*ILL Thought Clothing*
Expressing Thoughts Through Wearable Art

The Wait is Finally Over

So, I have been blogging about the photo shoot I had almost a month ago and I just received the pictures! Thank you for everyone who helped out and made the day very successful:

Model- Laura, Artistic director- Darius, Make-up artist- Lindy, Hair stylist- Arlinda, Photographer-RK, Brittany- Assistant

Look out for the new “IT”girl” page (ILL Thought Girls) that will allow you to get to know the models for ILLuastrated Thought Clothing!

ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


2ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot5


ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


ILLustrated Thought Photo Shoot


Shirts are $15 and come in both black and white. Email ILLustratedThought@yahoo.com

More to come very soon!